About Us



Founded by Owner/Operator Mike Cameron in 2006, SGP provides full service production services to a diverse range of clients including William F. Whites, Commando Krav Maga, and July Talk. Our award winning production team has produced content the world over for renowned actors, musicians, and business leaders.  

By focusing on innovative storytelling, stunning visuals, and proven production methods, we guarantee every production to express the unique goals and perspective of each client. At Spirit Guide Productions, we want every client to expect more.


Our Team



Michael Cameron

President, Creative Director
An award winning director and cinematographer, Michael founded Spirit Guide in 2006. He has since worked with international recording artists and renowned brands the world over.


Rachel Liley

Producer, Editor, Closed Captioning
As an experienced producer of stage and video, Rachel brings an important creative voice to SGP. Communicating in english, french and American sign language, she helps clients reach new audiences everyday. 


Tony Smith

Gaffer, Equipment Manager
Working on the the largest film productions shot in Canada, Tony knows the importance of using the right equipment. He provides pivotal technical expertise to every production.


Daniel Cooper

From corporate conventions to celebrity weddings and everything in between, Daniel has shot it all. He brings a kind heart and uniquely creative eye to every event.


Joshua Doerksen

Audio Engineer
Having spent his life writing and recording music, Joshua hears what everyone else sees. He adds the sounds and music to our client work that elevates the visuals to a new level with pristine recordings and on-set audio capture.


Nathan Miller

VR 360 Producer
Always on the forefront of technology, Nathan is one of the emerging leaders in the world of VR 360 production. Working with Spirit Guide, he has been able to bring that innovation to new audiences with narrative VR films.